Inspirational copyright-free pictures of women in martial arts

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Many pictures of female martial artists don’t actually look like they are doing a martial art.

For example, there are loads of pictures of women with their legs splayed wide open – not actually kicking, but just standing on one leg . . . and often looking powerless, vulnerable and unstable in such an odd pose . . .

. . . and all too often the women are apparently wearing nothing but their underwear to train or fight in . . .

So here’s an alternative collection of pictures 😉 The criteria for these photos is:

  • the women are dressed like “real” people / martial arts practitioners; not underwear models or Xena the Warrior Princess
  • the women look like they actually know a martial art and are genuinely engaging in it – not just pretending or posing for the camera
  • the picture could be inspirational to other men and women in martial arts
  • the picture is said on its original site to be copyright-free (e.g. licensed under Creative Commons 2.0)

Finding such pictures is not that easy, but here’s the collection so far . . .

ps any further contributions would be very welcome – many thanks to Jackie Bradbury for already sourcing a few of these 🙂
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  1. Jackie Bradbury

    Have you tried Morguefile? There’s a few images there that are 100% free that don’t even require attribution and meet your criteria.

    I’ve also found a few on Pixabay.

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