Budo Inochi year-end round-up – Best posts of 2016

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Sparring at the Jerusalem dojoAkban Martial arts academy. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

As we move into 2017, here’s a round-up of 2016’s fifteen most popular articles. So, read on for posts you may have missed or want to take another look at . . .


1. Why a Nice Guy Broke My Finger – How I learned that nice doesn’t always mean trustworthy

My new Aikido dojo seemed to be too good to be true at first – but it wasn’t long before its darker side emerged . . .

2. Why martial arts can be a powerful route to mindfulness

A look at the difference between authentic, ethical mindfulness versus “McMindfulness” – and a discussion of why martial arts training is especially effective for developing authentic mindfulness

3. Are “flirtatious” women in the dojo a threat to serious female martial artists?

What’s the best response to a female student whose main priority seems to be getting male attention during a martial arts class . . . ?

4. How to apply Miyamoto Musashi’s Nine Strategic Principles in modern life – A quick guide

It’s amazing how Musashi’s ideas, written hundreds of years ago, can still ring so true . . .

5. How one woman’s bad karate suddenly became my heart’s desire

This is the story of why I suddenly switched from Aikido to Karate overnight, after 15 years of study in the former . . .

Karate Kid by Greg Walters. Licensed under CC 2.0 via Flickr

6. Ten ways that martial arts can help children with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD)

It may feel like hard work at times 😉 but the benefits for these kids can be amazing . . . 

7. Should You Treat Women as Flowers or Warriors?

I visited my friend’s dojo and found something very strange was going on there . . .

8. Ten ways that “real” martial arts training can be more empowering than a “Martial Arts Inspired” workout

A list of reasons for promoting “real” martial arts training – as a valuable alternative to the workout classes it inspires.

9. A 21st century woman’s take on the sensei / student relationship in martial arts

I don’t want just a simple one-way power dynamic with my sensei. I believe I’m learning aikido to develop and equalise my so-called yin / yang energies – not just to practise constant following and submitting to someone else’s lead . . .

10. Reader question – Should I tell my sensei about my traumatic past?

Ten points for a survivor to consider, when deciding whether or not to disclose their history to their martial arts instructor . . .

11. How I let go of Doubt, Jealousy and Karate Belts

There’s nothing like martial arts training to show you your garbage. In this case, another student was literally pushing all my buttons – and I’m only human . . .

12. Graphic – How martial arts can change your life

Over 50 benefits of martial arts training, presented as a graphic to align with Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs

13. Why I’m not inspired by female warriors – despite loving martial arts

Some people see women warriors as glamorous and exciting role models for female martial artists. But should we really feel excited or inspired by the violent actions of real-life warriors in real-life battles, whether male or female . . . ?

14. A closer look at the three kanji in “Aikido”

A detailed explanation of the three kanji AI, KI and DO, revealing how each character is a little picture in itself, which if you know how to read it, will show us the way to its deeper meaning

15. Permission to be unpretty 

On enjoying the  pure freedom that training gives you – of not having to worry about how you look in the slightest . . . !

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      yes, I do have a special interest in women’s participation in the martial arts, although am always conscious that men can be vulnerable to danger too . . .

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