Is Lightsaber Combat a real martial art – and what can asking this question unlock for us?

“You’re starting to come to the realization that there’s less difference than one might expect between the experience of practices that are hyper-real versus those that are historically grounded. You’re taking your first steps down an interesting path. Keep taking the additional steps, and move beyond questions of definition. What do you see . . . ?”

Ten ethical reasons you should exploit martial arts myths to promote your school

“Attaining a black belt is the ultimate martial arts achievement.”
“It’s better to learn Tai Chi from a Chinese teacher.”
“All fights go to the ground.”
When we hear myths like this being bandied around, how are we supposed to fight them, and make people see that they are false? Well for Neil Hall, co-founder of LCTKD (formerly London Chinatown TaeKwonDo), this is actually the wrong question . . .