Is this Wonder Woman meme “empowering” – or not . . . ?

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“This look is elegant and dangerous, which is pretty much the ultimate display of girl power”, writes Delaney Strunk.

I think:
– Elegant – for sure.
– Ultimate display of girl power – what?!
– Dangerous? Maybe – but to me it looks more dangerous for the women themselves, than for any potential villain . . .

But is this fair . . . ?

Are “spiritually meaningful” martial arts better than combat arts?

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“Budō Inochi” reader Jamie writes (via the brilliant Google + Martial Arts Forums): “What is the difference between Martial Arts and hand-to-hand combat such as Krav Maga)? I sense a Martial Art to have a meaningful/spiritual purpose? Whereas, Krav Maga is a practical function and if there is anything spiritual it would be the resolve of the practitioner.

 I am considering studying true/real Martial Arts for several reasons […]”