Are “spiritually meaningful” martial arts better than combat arts?

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“Budō Inochi” reader Jamie writes (via the brilliant Google + Martial Arts Forums): “What is the difference between Martial Arts and hand-to-hand combat such as Krav Maga)? I sense a Martial Art to have a meaningful/spiritual purpose? Whereas, Krav Maga is a practical function and if there is anything spiritual it would be the resolve of the practitioner.

 I am considering studying true/real Martial Arts for several reasons […]”

Can you learn to apply “martial arts principles” without training in a martial art?

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Anyone serious about martial arts will tell you that their practice has transformed them over time.
We often wish that more other people could share in these benefits.
But many people don’t want to learn martial arts!
However, in true Aikido style, sensei Quentin Cooke wants to blend with (not fight!) this fact and turn it around – in his mission to introduce the principles of Aikido to non-martial artists . . .

Can martial arts help to dissolve racial tension?

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Some of the terrible things happening right now in the name of racial tension and hatred can make us feel utter despair.

But martial artists can and do make a difference in their own community – by creating safe, inclusive spaces where people from all ethnic backgrounds can come together with a shared purpose . . .

Is Defence Lab the future face of martial arts? Here are ten reasons it could be . . .

If modernity represents a devastating attack on the popularity of martial arts, then perhaps we should consider taking an “Aikido” approach and blending with that attack, rather than bemoaning and resisting it. Whether you like what they’re doing or not, Defence Lab has blended with the values and reality of the modern Western world, and turned these to its advantage, to a stunning degree . . .

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